When it comes to design problems and solutions, I follow one ideology and that is “there is always a way”. I believe that innovation is key and my style is a rather modernist approach to achieve elegance alongside an efficient user-friendly design.
I have experience in multidisciplinary fields of design, you name the task and I’m up for it. With a broad range of past endeavors, I am open to broadening my vision, looking forward to new opportunities and further growing in anticipation of becoming a world known designer; hopefully one of the best!
> Senior Designer
> Joined in May 2021
A little bit

School of art design &

Architecture, NUST

Bachelors in Industrial Design

2013 – 2017


> Branding and Identity Design

> Product Design


> Ui/UX Design


> Packaging Design


> Collateral Design


> Digital Media Design & Strategy



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