Modern dental marketing requires an elegant balance between creative messaging, technical analysis of patient and prospect data, and relationship building.

Dentists that achieve high performance in patient acquisition, retention and revenue optimization win because they have a well-formed strategy in place and align the resources of their office with their goals.

The Growth Geeks has helped dentists design and manage marketing that helps them stand out from the noisy dental marketplace and achieve higher revenue per patient than their peers. We have expertise with the various dental marketing levers you should consider and can help you analyze your prospective patient market as well as your existing retention and loyalty programs to enhance your patient relationships and engagement.


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oakridge dental case study: how the growth geeks boosts your dental practice marketing

When we first started working with Oakridge Dental they were already a smooth running machine – at least on the operations side of the practice. Patients loved Dr Call and his staff and they had solid retention. Referrals were even decent. Not great but decent.

Untapped Potential

But they knew there was potential for much more. Their brand and messaging was all over the place. They had a website that was thrown together by a webmaster with little knowledge of the dental market. They had done minimal work to optimize their online reviews and their SEO. They didn’t have a sense across the whole team of what they wanted to communicate to prospective and new patients. Ongoing client retention and communications were hit and miss. They hadn’t developed specific programs to target high value prospective patients with defined and targeted campaigns and digital assets.

Building a Cohesive Marketing Plan

Then we were hired by the practice. We worked together to build a clear and purposeful marketing program that took what they were already doing well and augmented it with meaningful communications and detailed processes. We made their day-to-day operations easier while lighting a fire under their marketing efforts. We worked on the following:

  • Refreshing their brand and messaging to be clearer, more targeted for their audience and align with their personality as a practice.
  • Rebuilding the website to focus on converting prospective patients with targeted landing pages while also building robust SEO into every inch of the site.
  • Crafting a straightforward reputation building program to achieve great customer reviews.
  • Optimizing directories and external links so that they would shine on search engines and other properties where prospective patients were finding dentists.
  • Building a social program that engaged with the community while building relationships and didn’t just focus on constantly bombarding followers with offers.

Great Results in Client Growth and Retention

The results speak for themselves. Today the practice has hired a second dentist as an associate. Oakridge absolutely excels in search rankings and social. Client retention has never been better. The practice has over achieved their revenue goals again and again.

While we can’t take all the credit for the fantastic results Oakridge Dental has achieved, we do know that we are an integral part in their success.

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