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There are many ways to procure firewood/cooking wood, but TruBurn provides its buyers with the highest quality wood for the best price delivered consistently. TruBrun uses a natural, organic drying method with a kiln-finish. This gives the best of both worlds when it comes to the two types of wood drying.
The client requested an identity that people can understand what they do instantaneously. Simple, trustworthy, established and professional. Out initial intake survey told us that they were looking for something that was rustic, unique and bold.


The client had a vision for the identity of the brand. They wanted a logo that was clean, clear and concise. Something that was memorable and unique with a touch of traditional. We began our research with these keywords as our guide. 

We built a moodboard that was informed by analyzing the client intake survey. This included inspirations and ideas that will later help us curate different concepts for the identity of the brand. We created several options for the client to choose from.


The selected logo option reflected the client’s initial wishes of having an identity that is simple, unique and memorable. We kept the logo centered around the treatment of logo type with the mark becoming a part of the Letter B in the brand name. It hints to the service that the brand provides and also gives a more modern and bold aesthetic to the extended brand. 



We created a wide variety of samples to inform the designs for Digital and Social media, treatment of backgrounds, use of colour and typography recommendation. We also provided them with a detailed brand guide as part of the project.

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