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What The Font?

Top 5 Fonts To Use For Your Website

Most companies make this recurring mistake of treating fonts as the last piece of their branding puzzle, but we don’t believe this should be the case. 

When it comes to making or maintaining a successful business, your communication matters. You need people to read what you have to say. Your words are very, very important and need to be taken seriously. This is where you need to ensure that you select the right font that will incite curiosity in your audience and drive them to take positive actions towards your brand.

Using a bad font like this one is basically placing your brand at a disadvantage and you run the risk of losing the attention of your audience. 

We spoke to a couple of our in-house design team members to get more insights on some of their favourite fonts and these are the results:


Whether it’s in lower case, lightweight form or bold upper case, Quicksand maintains a youthful quality. The san-serif geometric font is most suitable for fun, youthful brands or those that are marketing to children.



This all-caps, sans-serif font works best for attention-grabbing headers. Like Dosis, it has a slightly futuristic aesthetic that is complementary to tech brands. It tends to pair well with other fonts like Montserrat, Lato, and Playfair.



This sans-serif font is often described as neutral and minimalistic, as well as highly readable. While it’s a safe option for most types of websites, it tends to work best for businesses that count reliability and quality control as their top values.


4. Montserrat

Developed specifically for screens, this serif font is readable even at small sizes. Whether it’s in regular, bold and italic weight, it maintains a sophisticated feel suitable for brands that take themselves seriously.


5. Lato

This sans-serif font was specifically created for corporate use, so it tends to work best for brands within that landscape. It has a highly professional quality, but still feels warm and inviting. Lato is an excellent choice to give brands in more serious fields like accounting a more modern, friendly feel.

When selecting a font type, it is important to ensure that you choose a font that will convey your brand personality and help your brand stand out.

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