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Is Your Business Memorable?


Why Brand Recall Supersedes Brand Awareness

Branding today has evolved, it has become almost immaterial, presenting itself in words, shapes, and even sounds. 

Think of it this way, when someone suggests going out for a “burger”, what immediately comes to mind is the logo of McDonald’s, If I say the word “broadband”, what do you think of? Comcast? Cox?

As a startup, one key goal is to ensure you leave as much imprint as possible on your customer’s minds through your logo, messaging, and other branding materials. 

So, how do you promote brand recall for your business


Here’s what’s important – Think of brand recall as clues for your customers to jog their memory. When creating your brand recall strategy, you might want to consider the following: 


1. A compelling brand logo

Logos are by far the most recognizable element of your brand and will most likely be the first thing that comes to mind when customers search for your brand. There are 3 principles we at Geeks for Growth use when creating logos coined S.E.T

S: Logo must be simple and not clustered

E: Logo must be evocative, inciting curiosity in the minds of the customers

T: Logo must be easily transferable across different backgrounds.


2. Unique Brand Name

Choose a name that your customers can easily pronounce. You want to ensure that when your brand name achieves “verb” status, it flows well with the service you provide. A great example would be Google, users don’t “search” for things, they “google it” 


3. An Unforgettable Slogan

Slogans and strap-lines help add context to your brand and will help your audience remember you and why they are choosing you. A great example would be the audiobook company Audible with the – “stories that surround you tagline”


Remember, brand recall is about building the right associations between your company, and your customers. Done correctly; brand recall and recognition can pave the way to a self-enforcing loop of customer acquisition.

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