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What you will get in your report?

Your report contains an SEO analysis of your webpage and recommendations on how to address any issues discovered. The analysis covers the following:

Webpage Speed


Title Tag

Description tag improvement

Image analysis

Keywords analysis

Heading tags improvement

Copywriting Analysis

Code Analysis

Social Media Analysis

Mobile Analysis

Page Link Analysis

Root Domain Link Analysis

Domain Analysis

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Why You Need an SEO Audit

SEO audits are a crucial and essential part of maintaining the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. You’ll be missing out on a sizable amount of search engine traffic and potential customers if your website isn’t properly optimized for search.

You should conduct an SEO audit of your website for a number of reasons. To name a few:

Algorithm Changes

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are always changing their algorithms to deliver better search results. You should be aware of these changes so you can modify the content of your website as necessary.

Webmaster's Guidelines

Popular webmaster tools from Google and Bing change frequently, so you need to make sure your website is compliant.

Website Errors

It’s crucial to check that no broken links or error messages are present on your website. An audit will reveal such errors, allowing you to reroute them and gain back lost traffic.

Titles and Meta Data

When you appear in search results, people will scan your title tags and meta descriptions first. It is crucial that they relate to the website’s content.

Outdated Content

Your website might contain content that is out of date. It’s crucial to give search engines both fresh and relevant content, as well as a cause to return. Reevaluate the material on your website or remove it if people aren’t visiting or returning after six months.

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