Case Study


Logo development and collateral design for the Savant Coffee

Savant Coffee prides themselves as a business that cares about the community and their mission to serve coffee is rooted in the mission to serve the community and their customer.

Design Process

“We want people to be inspired and awaken – a savant about coffee, themselves.”

The client wanted people to be inspired when they visit and support their coffee business. He wanted to not just deliver great coffee, but also a great experience, most coffee shops are focused on the former, but not the latter.

He also had a very specific cause he wanted to support: which is helping New Americans (immigrants) gain a foothold in America by employing a diverse group of people to receive job training.


The selected logo option was based around the concept of freedom which is represented by the bird that is also highlighted in the logo mark. The logotype shows the bird getting free and flying away to represent the brand Savant Coffee which also teaches its audience how to maximize on cash back earning to avail short and long term goals. 


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Concept

User Experience & User interface Updates

We made updates to the existing UI for the CashFreely app, based on the new branding prioritizing the user experience and ease of use for all users. We also identified problem areas and suggested solutions that will help in improving the user expereince of the overall application.

Digital/ Social Designs

We created a wide variety of digital collateral ranging from social media designs, Digital and good ads, Social covers, Call to actions, Blog post covers etc.

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