Case Study

nordic hype

Parent brand: Nordic Innovation House, New York

Nordic Hype is an egame accelerator for businesses wanting to get their games into the egame industry or for support businesses who have an interest in the e gaming world.

The client wanted the inspiration for the style of branding as Nordic Minimalism.

They are a bridge connecting the cold corners of the globe with the main hotspots around the world. With backing from Nordic Innovation, they bring Nordic entrepreneurship, values, and their way of doing business to the global innovation ecosystem. They bring together the most innovative entrepreneurs, all working to connect the dots – and getting connected. We offer an extended hand to help making yesterday’s problems tomorrow’s billion-dollar solution. What do Nordic businesses have to offer? Quite a lot, actually

initial ideation

The initial Ideas were developed through ideation via sketching and drawing  to see the potential of different logomarks. Nordic Minimalism is the style of design observed for these iterations. The idea was to keep the parent company branding connected to the branding developed for Nordic Hype by following similar design style and treatment of elements.

Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

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